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Agenda & Featured Speakers

The agricultural event experts at Glacier FarmMedia are putting together a program for the virtual Farm Forum Event that will draw progressive farmers and ag professionals from across Canada.


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The line-up of speakers for the Farm Forum Event will provide information and insight on a wide range of topics that will help you think differently about how to grow your business, whether you are providing services to the ag community or are an active producer.

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Dr. Angela K. Bedard-Haughn

Dean and Professor, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Presentation title: Adapting to Change at the Soil-Water-Food Nexus

Presentation overview: Managing Prairie landscapes has always been complex and has only become more so as we are faced with growing frequency of both droughts and flooding. How can we adapt to our changing environment and mitigate risk by managing our soils and water?

Profile: Dr. Bedard-Haughn was born and raised on her family farm in the central parkland region of Saskatchewan. She received both her BSc in Physical Geography and her MSc in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan. She attended the University of California at Davis, where she received her PhD in Soil Science and Biogeochemistry in 2004.

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Following completion of her PhD, Dr. Bedard-Haughn joined the Department of Soil Science at USask as a Postdoctoral Fellow before being appointed to a tenure-track faculty position in July of 2006. Over the course of her career, she has served as Head of the Department of Soil Science and as Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) for the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, before taking up the position of Dean in summer 2020.

Dr. Bedard-Haughn specializes in soil science research, focusing on two main areas: management of wetland soils and predictive soil mapping. Her notable research program has been supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Research Fund, the Global Institute for Water Security, Environment Canada and several industry groups. She has also been active in experiential training, teaching field courses on soil and landscape classification at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Bedard-Haughn is an associate member of the School of Environment and Sustainability, a member of the Global Institute for Water Security, and, is fully engaged in graduate student training.

Toni Bucci

Chief Operating Officer

Presentation title: Biological-based products: Shaping the future of crop protection

Presentation overview: Biological-based products are the fastest growing segment in crop protection. Biological-based products are the fastest growing segment in crop protection. preservation of soil health, no MRLs and resistance management.

Three key messages in her presentation:

- Biological-based products are expected to expand with a growth rate of >12% p.a. in the next 10 years and are expected to represent 14% of the global crop protection share in 2030

- Today's biological-based products are able to meet the level of efficacy of their synthetic counterparts and offer additional advantages to the grower

- Biological products enable growers to meet changing consumer and regulatory demands

Profile: Toni Riggin Bucci is the Chief Operating Officer at AgBiome, an agricultural biotech company located in Research Triangle Park, NC. Toni’s role at AgBiome is to develop the company’s biopesticide business strategy and oversee production and commercial operations. Toni has over 25 years experience working in the agriculture industry. Before coming to AgBiome, she worked for BASF Corporation where she began as an R&D biologist and then moved into sales & marketing and eventually business leadership. Toni previously managed several businesses for BASF both inside and outside of the agricultural industry. She came to AgBiome bringing her passion for making a positive impact on agriculture through innovation.

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Toni holds a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry from Augusta State University, an M.S. in Entomology from University of Georgia, and a Ph.D. in Entomology/Genetics from North Carolina State University. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, physical fitness, music and spending time with her family which includes her husband and three children.

Trey Cutts

Market Development Director, Yara North America, Auburn, Alabama

Presentation title: Mechanisms of Nitrogen loss and management considerations

Presentation overview: Nitrogen dynamics in our cropping systems is complex and often leads to inefficiencies in management. This talk will give insights into the mechanisms of nitrogen loss to help better guide management decisions based on most likely loss scenario.

Profile: Trey Cutts is currently Market Development Director for Yara North America, leading Yara’s Crop Manager team who works to develop crop nutrition solutions through a diverse product portfolio, R&D and agronomic knowledge. Trey received a B.S. in Agriculture and M.S. in Crop and Soil Science from the University of Georgia. He went on to receive his Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from Texas A&M University.

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Trey has spent over 14 years in the agriculture industry in both public and private roles. After graduate school, he was served as a corn breeder for Monsanto under the Water Efficient Maize for Africa Project, based in South Africa. Upon returning to the U.S., Trey was an Assistant Professor & Cropping Systems Agronomist at Auburn University. He is has since been with Yara North America since 2018.

John Hartnett

Founder & CEO, SVG Ventures | THRIVE

Presentation title: Advancing the Future of Food & Ag in Canada

Presentation overview: John Hartnett will provide a lay of the land for agriculture's biggest challenges and future opportunities. Specifically, he will address the voice of the farmer and why THRIVE, a global innovation and investment platform, has chosen Canada as the location for its first international subsidiary.

Three key messages in his presentation:

1. Adopting innovation is imperative to address the challenges the world faces today.

2. THRIVE works with a global agrifood ecosystem to address the needs of farmers and producers.

3. Canada is a world leader in food and agriculture innovation and is starting a new era of growth in the agrifood sector.

Profile: John Hartnett is Founder and CEO of SVG Ventures | THRIVE, an innovation and investment platform working with Fortune 500 corporations and global technology startups to advance the future of Food & Agriculture. THRIVE is the leading investor and agrifood accelerator in the world with over 50 investments in the past decade. John is also Founder of the renowned Forbes AgTech Summit, a joint venture he created with Forbes Media, and has partnered with the USDA on the National Innovation Imperative working with the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

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In his nine-year term at Palm, Inc, he held the position of EVP of Global Markets where he helped Palm's worldwide smartphone business grow to over $3.5 billion revenue. In 2003, he played a lead role in the merger and integration of Palm and Handspring. Before that, he integrated Metatools and Fractal to become Metacreations as their SVP of Worldwide Marketing & Operations. John also held senior management positions at Claris, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple computer, AT&T/Teradata, and Digital Equipment.

John has served on both private and public boards such as Aer Lingus, Ireland's national airline, as well as boards of various technology companies. He served on the U.S. Secretary of State's Northern Ireland Economic Working Committee in 2009 and founded the Irish Technology Leadership Group in 2007.

John is a graduate of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, holds a post graduate diploma in accounting and finance, and has completed executive management programs at both Stanford and Harvard Universities.

Kevin Hursh

President, Hursh Consulting & Communications Inc., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Presentation title: Are we having fun yet?

Presentation overview: Life is too short to toil at something you don't enjoy. Hear how you can get more enjoyment as well as more profit from your farm lifestyle.

Profile: Kevin Hursh is one of the country’s leading agricultural commentators. He is an agrologist, journalist and farmer. Kevin and his wife Marlene run Hursh Consulting & Communications based in Saskatoon. They also own and operate a farm near Cabri in southwest Saskatchewan growing a wide variety of crops. Hursh Farms specializes in specialty crops while working with adjacent cattle producers for mutual benefit.

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Kevin writes a weekly column for The Western Producer and serves as executive director for the Canary Seed Development Commission of Saskatchewan and the Inland Terminal Association of Canada (ITAC). He is also one of the people behind a new technology called the X-Steam-inator that uses high temperature steam for non-selective weed control.

Shad Milligan

Technical Lead Seedcare - West

Presentation Title: Management of Wireworms in Cereals

Presentation overview: Wireworm species and population intensity can affect the approach to managing wireworms in cereals as well as the choice of seed treatment. Find out why systemic activity in a cereal seed treatment matters when it comes to stand establishment.

Three key messages in his presentation:

- Knowing what species of wireworm is in your field and understanding what your population intensity really is, are important first steps when developing an integrated strategy to reduce populations

- Understanding whether your seed treatment has systemic activity is an important and often overlooked consideration when choosing a seed treatment to protect cereal crops from wireworms

- Managing wireworm populations takes a long-term approach and cereal seed treatments are only one of a number of strategies that should be employed

Profile: Shad Milligan has been involved with the Syngenta Seedcare business for the past 15 years. His years in the field working with farmers, custom treaters and doing trial work has given him an appreciation for the challenges and opportunities associated with seed treatment technology - as well as an array of knowledge related to disease, insects and application. Shad is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Science and still resides in southern Alberta. When not digging up wireworms, you can find him traveling or playing golf or hockey.

Wendy McDonald

Senior Agronomist, 360 Ag Consulting, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba

Presentation title: Go Ahead, Ask Me A Good Question

Presentation overview: To answer Agronomy issues today, it is important that both farmers and agronomists ask each other good questions. The good news is that someone, somewhere has studied it already.

Profile: Wendy grew up, as a member of the 5th generation, on the McConnell family cattle and grain farm, near Gladstone, Manitoba. She attended the University of Manitoba and graduated with a degree in Agronomy, in 1998.

Wendy worked for one year in Red Deer, AB and then with Manitoba farmers, as an agronomist for over 20 years, at Crop Input sites and Grain Elevators for Agricore/Agricore United and P&H in Western Manitoba. Currently, she enjoys crop scouting, soil sampling, and making recommendations as an Independent Crop Consultant, with 360 Ag Consulting, in the Parkland. Wendy resides at Gilbert Plains, MB with her 2 daughters, KC and Connelly, and her favorite farmer: her new husband Brian.

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Wendy loves to be a cheerleader for Agriculture, and to promote Agriculture as a rewarding option to those considering their career path. Wendy has enjoyed contributing as a councillor with Agrologists Manitoba, and an advisory member for the ACC Agribusiness Program, Manitoba Agronomist Conference, and Prairie Certified Crop Advisors Exam. Being an Ag in the Classroom volunteer has also been a highlight.

Wendy feels extremely grateful to be recognized as the 2019 Prairie Region Certified Crop Advisor of the Year and the 2020 Canadian Association of Agri Retailers Agronomist of the Year.

Brian Ostroff

Brian Ostroff is President of Arianne Phosphate

Presentation Title: Where Does Phosphate Come From?

Presentation overview: Farmers know what to do when they get their phosphate but, do they actually know where that phosphate comes from? Today, the ability for North American farms to produce the crops we all need is highly reliant on the Middle East and North Africa.

Three key messages in his presentation:

1. Like any chain, the food chain is only as strong as its weakest link; that weakest link is arguably phosphate.

2. Farmers are dependent on the Middle East & North Africa for their phosphate and that dependence continues to grow and, the quality of that phosphate continues to diminish.

3. The development of Arianne's large Canadian-based phosphate deposit is of vital importance to our food security.

Profile: Brian Ostroff is President of Arianne Phosphate, having served in senior management with the Company since 2016 and, on its Board since 2014. Brian is a graduate of the University of Toronto (1986) and in 1987, joined RBC Dominion Securities where his focus was on small cap special situations as well as alternative investments. In 1999, Brian joined the M&A advisory firm Goodrich Capital where he was the Canadian managing partner overseeing mandates across a spectrum of industries including mining. In 2004, Brian moved over to the trading side of the business as a proprietary trader with a large Canadian bank and subsequently on his own for four years. In 2009, Brian joined Windermere Capital as Managing Director with his area of focus being the junior and mid tier mining sector.

Gottfried Pessl

CEO, Pessl Instruments GmbH, Weiz, Styria, Austria

Presentation title: How modern technology can help farmers in decision-making

Presentation overview: The presentation will cover the topic of remote field monitoring and its importance for the future of (smart) agriculture. It will answer the questions such as how are technological developments effecting Agriculture, why is AgTech so important for our future, the decision-making process and solutions, sustainability, food safety, and more.

Profile: Gottfried Pessl is the founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments – a leading company in IoT for agriculture. Pessl recognized technology as an inevitable part in the future of farming and decided to launch his own company, which he did in 1984. He started building the METOS brand in time when the importance of precision agriculture wasn’t as obvious, or important, as it is today. After 37 years, he still has a tight grip on things and is driving the METOS brand further.

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He enjoys visiting customers, partners and distributors frequently and is often invited to speak at international conferences. He is a trained agronomist and banker, and to him everything runs like clockwork, only a bit faster. His dream is to have more time for his family, especially his wife, his son, and his grandchildren.

Curtis Rempel

Dr. Curtis Rempel – MBA, PhD, PAg

Presentation Title: A Canolo Perspective - Trends, Assets, Innovation, Information and Profitability

Presentation overview: Overview of the global consumer trends, environmental reality, asset investment, innovation and information and their significance and opportunity for farm and sector profitability using the canola value chain as a study.

Three key messages in his presentation:

1. Agriculture can be the key to managing and mitigating environmental impact of changing climate and improving the global environmental "footprint" while increasing farm profitability, but we will need to collaborate and partner to accomplish this.

2. Information and data are not the bottleneck for decision making, algorithms are but these can't replace experience and agronomic acumen so some thoughts on how to meld the two.

3. What can innovation in agriculture realistically deliver and how can accelerate this to enable farm and sector profitability (and contribute to the health and wellbeing of the planet).

Profile: Dr. Curtis Rempel – MBA, PhD, PAg

Dr. Rempel joined the Council in July 2012.

Dr. Rempel is responsible for directing the Crop Production and Innovation team Agronomy Specialists and staff with a mandate to optimize yield and profitability for producers and the supply chains they serve while minimizing production risk and improving the environmental footprint; developing research priorities for canola production, oil and meal utilization; overseeing research administration of public / private partnerships; developing and communicating sustainability and production stewardship guidelines; liaising between producers, industry and academia to optimize knowledge and technology transfer activity; steering the Western Canada Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee; monitoring and managing issues related to domestic and global biotechnology acceptance and regulation; and representing Canadian canola’s interests with industry and professional groups.

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Curtis was raised on a farm specializing in dairy and special crops in Manitoba and is still involved with commercial farm production. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the University of Manitoba, a PhD from the University of Guelph, and an MBA from Athabasca University/University of Guelph. Prior to joining the Council, Curtis has worked as a research scientist for Agriculture and Agri-food Canada; has taught at numerous universities and community colleges; and has operated his own consulting company for 10 years, primarily providing business and marketing strategy and scientific counsel to Fortune 500 companies. He worked for eight years in R&D, corporate finance and business strategy and development at Monsanto; as a senior consultant for Meyers, Norris, Penny focusing on commodity marketing, renewable energy, intellectual property protection, enterprise software applications, and scientific competitiveness; and as the Business Development Manager at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals, Department of Food Science, University of Manitoba. He is also an Adjunct Professor in Dept. of Food and Human Nutrition Science, University of Manitoba.

Jeff Schoenau

Professor, Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Presentation title: Building Productivity of Soils

Presentation overview: Identification and management of areas in fields where long-term productivity is restricted by adverse soil conditions can improve the agronomic and environmental performance of the soil resource on your farm. Various approaches to building soil fertility, organic matter,and improving soil chemical conditions are covered in this presentation, using results of recent research work by the presenter.

Profile: Dr. Jeff Schoenau is a professor of soil fertility and professional agrologist who works in the Department of Soil Science at the University of Saskatchewan. He holds the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Soil Nutrient Management Chair in the College of Agriculture and Bioresources, and is a fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada.

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He was born in Saskatchewan, completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees in the 1980’s in the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan and has worked there since. He also farms with his spouse Lynne near Central Butte, Saskatchewan. His research, teaching and extension activities deal with soil fertility and fertilizers, nutrient cycling, and soil management practices in prairie cropping systems.

Bob Sutton

VP Sales & Logistics, Rahr Malting Canada Ltd., Alix, Alberta

Presentation title: Malting - the key link in the field to stein value chain

Presentation overview: Malting plays a vital role in the journey of barley from the farmers field to the consumer's glass. We will explore the entire value chain from barley to beer.

Profile: Bob began his career in the grain industry 40 years ago in Thunder Bay with the Canadian Grain Commission. Over the years, Bob has performed a wide range of duties from being a grain sampler on lakers, a country grain elevator assistant, a grain inspector, and a barley selector for both Canada Malting in Calgary and Rahr Malting in Alix.

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Bob studied Business Management at the University of Calgary, Crop Production at the University of Saskatchewan, Logistics with the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation, and Brewing with the World Brewing Academy.

Bob has served as a member of the Western Grain Standards Committee representing the Brewing and Malting industries, the Agriculture Committee of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, the Olds College Industry Advisory Committee for their Brewmaster program, the Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute, and the Master Brewers Association of the Americas.

Bob is presently the Vice President Sales & Logistics at Rahr Malting in Alix where he is responsible for all of the company’s Canadian commercial operations including domestic and international sales and outbound logistics.

Bob and his wife of 38 years are proud parents to 2 and when not doting on their 2 grandkids (number 3 due in September) they like to travel and golf, sometimes together.

Nancy Tout

Research Program Officer, Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR), Edmonton, Alberta

Presentation title: Accelerating Agriculture Research

Presentation overview: In March 2021, RDAR celebrated its one year anniversary and ushered in a new model for funding agriculture research. We'll take a look back at what got us to today but more importantly we'll look to the future of agriculture innovation that is producer-led, collaborative and future-driven to ensure our industry remains competitive and profitable.

Profile: Nancy joined RDAR from its inception in October 2020 and brings to the organization 21 years of private industry experience within the Seed and Crop Protection businesses of Syngenta Canada, including 12 years as Head of Research & Development. She holds a Honours B.Sc. degree (Biology) and Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology.

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Nancy thrives on the complex challenges and opportunities associated with accelerating innovation to advance modern day agriculture through a producer-led lens. She is passionate about a collaborative approach to research and innovation through public/private/producer partnerships to ensure Alberta's agriculture and food sectors reach their full potential.

Jon Treloar

Technical Agronomist, Novozymes BioAg, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Presentation title: Biologicals in Agriculture: Overcoming Barriers Hindering Widespread Adoption

Presentation overview: Soil biology is widely accepted as a critical indicator of soil health, yet at the same time, the use of biologicals in agriculture is met with skepticism. This presentation explores the root of the skepticisms, misconceptions, along with how and why the use of biologicals is set to increase in coming years.

Profile: Jon is the Technical Agronomy lead for Novozymes BioAg's North American Commercial Team. With expertise in field trials, agronomy, soil health and sustainable agriculture, he has a passion for the use and adoption of biologicals in agriculture. Jon has been instrumental in the development and promotion of new biological solutions for growers. Jon resides in Saskatoon as he has a fondness of bitter cold coupled with a fear of mountains.

Blake Weiseth

Applied Research Lead, Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Presentation title: Managing soil moisture variability

Presentation overview: Recent technology has given us the ability to measure soil moisture variability across a field, but what do we do with this data? Drawing on examples from the Field of Excellence program and other applied research projects, this presentation will share practical examples of how real-time soil moisture assessment is used to inform in-season management decisions at GFM Discovery Farm Langham.

Profile: Blake Weiseth obtained a bachelor's and master's degrees in soil science from the University of Saskatchewan and holds a Professional Agrologist status with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists. As Applied Research Lead with Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm, he currently oversees all applied research and demonstration projects. Sharing project findings and outcomes through a variety of platforms and connecting with farmers and those working in the agriculture industry are two of his passions.

David Yee & Weiping Zeng

David Yee, President, Super GeoAI Technology Inc. (, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Weiping Zeng, Chief Executive Officer, Super GeoAI Technology Inc. (, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Presentation title: Geospatial Convergence: How Characteristics of Natural Events, Location and Time Come Together on Your Farm

Presentation overview: Recent advances in technology have made the application of geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) on farmers’ individual fields possible. GeoAI technology combines and analyses data from all-aspects of your farm, organizing it both temporally and spatially to visually support producer understanding and decision making.

David's Profile: David Yee is the president of Super GeoAI Technology Inc. (SGA). David was formerly the vice president of PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute). David is a leader, manager, coach and mentor with experience in operations management, strategy development, research development, project management, sales and marketing and large value proposal development. David’s professional career started as an industrial designer in the automotive industry. He left Canada to design consumer electronic products. Upon his return to Canada, he concentrated on the agricultural machinery manufacturing sector with Versatile Tractors in 2002. He has worked in the heavy equipment, agriculture machinery, and ag-tech business for the past 19 years. David has led organizational teams of up to 80 staff and has worked with two research and two industry boards.

Weiping’s Profile: Dr. Weiping Zen is the CEO of SGA. Dr. Zeng received his Ph.D. in Geographical Information Systems (GIS)/Geography from the University of Alberta in 2007. Dr. Zeng was formerly the associate director of the Spatial Initiative in the Office of the Vice-President of Research at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Zeng has initiated, managed, and led over 150 projects in geomatics, machine learning, GeoAI, and agriculture over the past ten years.

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SGA is a global leader in combining innovations in geospatial (GIS, Remote Sensing, and GPS), artificial intelligence (AI), big data, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and cloud computing technologies to identify and predict spatial patterns from large volumes of spatial data. SGA has recently opened offices in Saskatoon and Calgary.


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